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Monday, March 16, 2009

Is Yahoo Getting its Groove Back?

It seems most of the time any news about Yahoo is bad news. For example:

However, I have noticed over the past few weeks some good things being reported about Yahoo. It appears that Yahoo is becoming much more proactive instead of reactive. And, I am thrilled to see that.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I love Google but I would hate to see Yahoo go under. To have Yahoo fold would not do any of us good. Having these two face off is what is driving our digital experiences to new heights.

So, what is the good news I have been reading lately about Yahoo you ask? Well, three things in particular:

Yahoo shows search ads with video

Video content and play is at a all time high for the young age groups according to LiveRail. In fact 53% of those 18-24 say they spend more time per month watching online video content than watching TV. So to see Yahoo move in this direction is quite smart. http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?id=1006881

Yahoo reverses its web strategy with web videos

Yahoo will once again begin creating unique web shows such as last years “The 9” which was sponsored by Pepsi. Again, this is a smart move on Yahoo’s part given those findings in the LiveRail report. State Farm will be the next company to sponsor a new web series.

Yahoo's newspaper consortium keeps growing

Be careful. It is not what you think. While Google has ended its two year effort to sell ads in newspapers (what a stupid idea that was on Google’s part), Yahoo is expanding its newspaper consortium. At present it has a consortium of 38 media companies, representing 793 total newspapers, up from 635 newspaper partners a year ago, and 176 at launch in November, 2006.

What is different with the Yahoo model? Quite a bit actually. Yahoo is not selling space ads but rather it is helping newspapers get more traffic to their Websites.

Good luck Yahoo. I hope I keep reading more success stories on your behalf. We need both you and Google.


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