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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Obama vs. Romney 2012 Social Media Barometer Dashboard (Week ending 10/28/2012)

This week Obama has taken back the lead once again in share of voice, however, not all is positive for Mr. Obama.  The highlights of the week for the period ending 10/28/2012 are shown below:
  • Obama took back the lead on share of voice for the week standing at 53.5%
  • Ratio of positive to negative sentiment for the week hit an all time high standing at 80% for Romney.  The ratio for Obama was less at 68%.
  • All website metrics for both candidates were positive for the week, stronger for Obama.
  • Romney's Facebook fans exceeded 11 million this week
  • Both candidates had a record number of tweets for this reporting period.
  • Donald Trump was trending with Obama and Gloria Alfred for Romney.
  • Klout scores remained unchanged for both candidates.

Next week's update will be published the day before the election.  We are very excited to see how things shape up.

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Rhonda and Perry Drake

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  1. Nice infographic! I saw this infographic too! It is about the education policy of Obama and Romney. Check it out.