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Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama vs. Romney 2012 Social Media Barometer Dashboard (Week ending 11/04/2012)

As this is the last report before the election, let's keep in perspective social media strategy is but one of the many tactics available to the candidates.  It will probably take several election cycles to understand how much influence social media has on the electorate relative to endorsements, TV ads and the candidates positions on key issues.  The election of 2012, however is our first data point in what promises to be a new kind of campaigning where citizens can weigh in with their opinions immediately via social media.

We will soon know who's tactics were more effective.  Remember to exercise your right to vote!

This week events surrounding Hurricane Sandy, which hit the east coast on Monday, October 29, impacted the content of the conversations as can be seen below.

The highlights of the week for the period ending 11/04/2012 are shown below:

  • Obama had a higher share of voice with 56.5% of the conversations mentioning Obama.
  • The ratio of positive to negative sentiment for Romney reached an all time high since reporting began.  The ratio of positive to negative sentiment was 90.1% for the week.
  • All web metrics were down for Romney indicating that both traffic and engagement were down for Romney.
  • Word clouds indicate a conversational focus on Hurricane Sandy for Obama, and an election victory for Romney.
  • Romney continued to have a high level of engagement on Facebook relative to Obama.
  • Google search trends revealed searches for Obama and Christie and Obama and Bloomberg indicating an interest in the President's impact in the hurricane relief.  Romney searches included FEMA and Jeep indicating recent positions that he articulated in the role of FEMA, and the strength of the automobile manufacturing industry.

Rhonda Knehans Drake

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