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Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama vs. Romney 2012 Social Media Barometer Dashboard (Week ending 10/21/2012)

This week Romney has taken the lead once again in share of voice, however, not all is positive for Mr. Romney.  The highlights of the week for the period ending 10/21/2012 are shown below:

  • Share of voice for Romney is up and standing at 51.38%
  • Ratio of positive to negative sentiment has strengthened for Obama and weakened for Romney
  • Word clouds are focusing on hot topics such as gay marriage and planned parenthood
  • Romney added more than one million Facebook fans this week.'
  • The re-tweet rate for Romney has fallen since last week.
  • However, Mr. Romney's Klout score has increased.

Next week's update should prove interesting following the Monday night third and final round of debates.  Check back next Monday to see how the debates shaped the social media narrative.

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Rhonda and Perry Drake


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